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Specification for safe operation and maintenance of sponge cutting machine

Time:2016-06-03  Edit by Sirui Machinery

(1) the performance and structure of the equipment must be carefully checked before use to ensure the integrity of the components.

(3) before use, first open the main switch, no load test turn a few laps, to be sure that the security is not allowed to start.

cutting should be noted

(2) the power supply line must be safe and reliable, it is strictly prohibited to pull, carefully put the power cord, do not be cut off. Carefully check the performance of the equipment before use to ensure that the components are intact.

(4) the machining of the workpiece must be firmly clamped, it is strictly prohibited to clamp the workpiece began cutting.

(6) the operator must deviate from the front of the grinding wheel when cutting, and wear protective glasses.

(8) clamping the workpiece should be installed firmly and securely, the protective cover must be installed correctly, should be installed after the start of the air transport inspection, no jitter and abnormal noise.

(10) must firmly grasp the cutting machine hand uniform vertical shear force, and the fixed end to be solid and reliable.

(12) in order to improve work efficiency. Be sure to do a good job of auxiliary clamping and positioning before cutting single or multiple branches together.

(14) no person shall be allowed to stand behind the saw and cut off the power immediately when the power is cut off, or when the work place is out of work.

(16) shall not operate the shield is not in place, will not hand in a distance less than 15 cm blade. Not to lean over or around the saw machine, when the operation body tilted 45 degrees is appropriate.

(18) the use of a cutting machine, such as working in a wet place, must be carried out on an insulating mat or a dry board. Take or use in explosion hazardous area must take safety precautions.

(20) turn off the power supply after processing, and clean the equipment and the surrounding area.


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