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Popularization of sponge cutting machine knowledge

Time:2020-11-28  Edit by Sirui Machinery

Sponge cutting machines are mainly divided into three categories, one is horizontal cutting, the other is vertical cutting, and the third is special-shaped horizontal and vertical cutting.

So how to choose which model?

Of course, it’s best to have one for both horizontal and vertical. These are the two most basic sponge cutting machines. When you want to trim the edges and cut the product into small pieces, you need a straight cutting machine. When your product needs to be cut into a finished product, Need flat cutting machine, flat cutting machine can cut thickness is more than 2mm, the error is plus or minus 0.5mm

If classified according to products, such as makeup sponge, latex sponge, EVA sponge, rigid polyurethane sponge, etc., there are corresponding models. When you are not sure which model to use, you are welcome to inquire!


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