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How to choose the suitable sponge cutting machine?

Time:2022-03-11  Edit by Sirui Machinery

Nowadays, there are many types of sponge machinery. How to choose the model that suits you? Today I want to share some tips with you.

1. Choose the right model

First of all, it is necessary to confirm the material and thickness of the cutting material, and what are the requirements for the precision, cutting effect and stability of the cutting machine. The sponge cutting machine can roughly process furniture foam, shoe material foam, latex foam, makeup foam etc., and then choose the type of cutting equipment.

2. Choose the appropriate configuration

Secondly, according to the different products to be cut, whether it is necessary to add some additional configurations, such as pressure roller device, vacuum device, automatic adjustment of the angle of the tool holder, etc., whether it is necessary to adopt more advanced configuration in electrical aspects.

3. Cutting quality and cutting efficiency

The quality and efficiency of sponge cutting are the most concerned, not only the key consideration for users when purchasing, but also the standard for evaluating the quality of sponge machinery,different materials require different cutting speeds, all of our sponge cutting machines have a speed adjustment range.

4. Wear and tear of materials

This is the most important issue for all manufacturers. How to minimize consumption, we not only help customers minimize material consumption on equipment, but also train customers on how to use machines correctly to reduce consumption and improve efficiency.



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