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Sponge machinery industry from price war to science and technology competition

Time:2016-06-03  Edit by Sirui Machinery

China is currently engaged in the production of sponge machinery enterprises are more, but the scale is relatively small, basically a small workshop mode, there is no technology content. Small sponge machinery companies are basically the production of imitation products, resulting in more and more low-end homogenization. Sponge machinery enterprises are facing overcapacity, inventory backlog problem. Sponge machinery enterprises in order to continuously improve sales, will reduce the price of the product. Several sponge machinery companies have cut prices, eventually leading to the entire industry into trouble, the company's profits less and less. When profits continue to shrink, there is no extra money for research and development.

China's sponge machinery enterprises should enhance the scientific and technological content of products, from the current price war to the competition of science and technology. From the current market share simply do not profit, become a common market share common profit. I believe that Chinese enterprises in the transformation of the mode of competition, the production level of enterprises can be greatly improved, effectively get rid of vicious competition, so that the sponge machinery industry to a higher level.


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