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How to recycle waste sponge?

Time:2021-12-16  Edit by Sirui Machinery

In the process of producing sponges and sponge products, there are often a lot of leftovers. Throwing away will cause a lot of waste. The price of selling as waste sponge is low. How can the leftovers be reused effectively?

Our company has launched a set of recycled sponge production line, which can efficiently solve this problem. Different models can be selected according to the production demand.



Our model SR-R02 recycling machine has a complete set of production lines for stirring, mixing, and pressure forming. It can be processed into recycled sponges of different densities. At the same time, the machine is equipped with an automatic weighing device. There is no need to weigh the waste sponges separately, and the sponges can be transported to mixing tank directly can be automatically weighed; the automatic gluing device replaces the old manual gluing, which is more efficient and convenient; and if the automatic mold box with steam is used, it will speed up the forming time of the recycled sponge and improve the production efficiency. Increased by 6-8 times, in addition to increasing the output with a steam device, it will also make the tension and viscosity of the regenerated sponge better, and it will also play a role in sterilization.



Where can the finished recycled sponge be used?

Mainly used to make sofa pillows and mattresses, or as a cleaning sponge, but also for filling, shockproof, noise reduction and other places.


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