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Sponge machine packaging and handling

Time:2020-04-28  Edit by Sirui Machinery

Ø The machine has been reasonably disassembled and packed when it leaves the factory. When the machine is lifted, it should be operated according to the requirements and shape of the packaging box. During the transportation process, the machine should be prevented from deformation. It is best to open the packaging at the installation site (simple packaging, wooden box) Packaging), check the outside of the package for damage before opening the package.

Ø When unpacking, please start from the top layer, the side box board can be lifted up as a whole. Before opening the package, check whether the mechanical condition is good, and check the attachments according to the packing list. If a short installation is found, implement the relevant responsible party and submit it to the relevant department for tracking in writing. If it falls within the scope of our factory's responsibility, please inform the relevant department of our factory.


Ø Use lifting equipment as much as possible during mechanical handling. The load capacity of the lifting equipment should be greater than the weight of the machine. In the place where there is no suitable lifting equipment, several steel pipes of equal diameter can be placed under the box. It scrolls slowly. When hoisting the machine tool, a steel pipe of equivalent diameter can be inserted into the round hole of the special lifting machine on the machine. On the machine tool without lifting hole, the steel wire can be covered by the special hook or lifting ring. The steel wire may touch the machine parts. Places should be covered with soft objects such as wooden blocks or rubber to avoid scratching the machine parts paint.

Ø Select the basic position of the machine tool, and consider the process route in the factory design to arrange the plane position of the workshop, and pay attention to that the machine must be installed in a place where there is no vibration. Especially should not be placed next to the machine tool with impact movement. If the vibration cannot be kept away for some reason, coal slag, cork board, etc. should be used as the isolation layer around the foundation. Its thickness is 150mm.

Ø Check the standard insulation resistance of the electrical system, its value should not be less than 1Ω.


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