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What are the main advantages of the regenerated foam machine?

Time:2018-07-19  Edit by Sirui Machinery

In sponge processing industry, recycled foam machinery is often used. The main function of this kind of equipment is to inhale the smashed sponge particles into the special mixing box through the suction machine, and spray the corresponding sponge glue into the corresponding weight at the same time, and then press the mold (steam) into the corresponding regenerated sponge.

For many friends, it may not be very clear what regenerated sponge is. In fact, it is a new type of processing material, which is crushed by the leftovers of the sponge and stirred by glue and steam. Compared with the ordinary sponges, the recycled sponges processed by the regenerated foam machinery have not only better elasticity but also better resistance and no odor, and can also effectively reduce the cost of raw materials. Therefore, it is also widely used in the production of sofa, mattress, car cushion and other daily necessities.


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