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Troubleshooting and solving of sponge flat cutting machine

Time:2018-07-19  Edit by Sirui Machinery

What are the malfunctions and corresponding treatment methods when using sponge flat cutting machine? There will be some failures in the use of the sponge cutting machine. For these failures, many people will be at a loss and do not know how to deal with them.

The malfunction of the sponge flat cutting machine is: the size of the cutting is not precise, there is a knife, a knife, a little more. The reasons for the failure are encoder failure, tool wheel swaying, and electrical failure.

The methods for dealing with the failures are:

1, encoder fault solution, encoder is an important part of the master size, such as cutting inaccurate, to see whether the encoder is loosened, whether there is a collision in the process of transportation, whether the axis of the encoder and the spindle are in a central point, the encoder is low voltage 24V product, it can be used for a very long time, generally artificial. Damage caused by many faults, wrong line and collision.

2, the tool wheel rocking fault solution method, the cutter wheel swinging to replace the inner bearing of the cutter wheel, such as the cutter wheel wear serious, change the cutter wheel, if the manufacturer did not install the cutter wheel on the same vertical line, find the sales personnel after sale service.

3, electrical fault solution, in the dense electric box electric, to master the size of the counter and encoder, electrical fault with danger, maintenance must be professional electrical personnel can, if not understood according to the manufacturer's electrical diagram to check the fault.


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