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CNC circular contour cutting machine

Time:2020-12-12  Edit by Sirui Machinery

The CNC sponge cutting machine uses a computer control system to cut the sponge, cutting the sponge into various shapes without dust, and under the X, Y, C axis commands controlled by the computer system, the cutting process is automatically performed according to the graphic trajectory. It has a reliable and safe operating system, which can process any size sponge block, various sponge fonts, slow rebound sponge, high rebound sponge, special-shaped cleaning supplies, PVC/EPE/EPS/, phenolic, etc., suitable for all types Sponge products production.

What are the characteristics of the new ring knife CNC sponge cutting machine? as follows:

Cutting with a circulating knife, low machine noise; fast cutting speed, high efficiency; high processing accuracy; dust-free and environmentally friendly; the knife belt is durable and low equipment loss.

CNC sponge cutting machine is also divided into horizontal knife, vertical knife, double knife and other cutting methods, you can choose the appropriate sponge cutting model according to the shape of your product cutting!





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