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Advantages of polyurethane high pressure foaming machine

Time:2016-06-03  Edit by Sirui Machinery
Polyurethane foam equipment production of thermal conductivity coefficient is generally about 0.025, better than polystyrene board, is a good material in building insulation materials. Therefore, the polyurethane foam machine is widely used in the production of rigid polyurethane products, which has certain advantages, so it will be widely used. 220 polyurethane foaming machine / polyurethane high pressure foaming machine / advantage
The advantages of polyurethane foaming machine are as follows:

The advantages of a range of the pouring quantity can be adjusted arbitrarily between 0 to the maximum, the adjusting precision is 1%; polyurethane foaming machine with temperature control system, when a specified temperature will automatically stop heating, the control accuracy of 1%.

No.2, polyurethane foaming machine has the solvent cleaning and water and air blowing system; polyurethane foaming machine used to adjust the valve A, B solid-liquid ratio, the precision can reach 1%.

No.3, polyurethane foaming machine with automatic feeding device, can be carried out at any time, and feeding device has two barrels, A, B these two barrels can be loaded with 120 kg of liquid. The material barrel is also provided with a water jacket, the water temperature is used for heating or cooling the feed liquid.

No.4, the machine has a time control system, the control time can be set in 0-99.9 seconds, the accuracy of up to 1%.


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