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What's the difference between a manual sponge machine and a semi automatic

Time:2018-07-19  Edit by Sirui Machinery

The development of sponge machinery has a long history, from the initial manual foaming sponge to semi-automation and now full automation, which has gone through a long period of time. We are now accustomed to the fully automated sponge machinery production line, which urgently needs a few maintenance personnel and technicians to operate and maintain, and does not require so much labor expenditure. So do we know how the semi-automatic manual sponge machinery works?

In the process of traditional manual production of sponges, about 5 to 6 people are usually deployed. The master masters the technology of manufacturing and producing sponges (that is, various formulas for producing sponges) to produce sponges with different densities and different processes according to the needs of manufacturers. However, in the process of traditional production of sponges, the varieties of sponges are different and the formulas are different. The popular saying is that white oil, butter, TDI, three kinds of large ingredients and six small and medium ingredients, mixed and stirred, poured into the foaming mold, and participated in the development of the sponge. The workers in the foam must weigh the raw materials accurately (usually with pound scales and electronic weighing), otherwise it may lead to rotten cotton. And because the weight of the material is too heavy, the workers involved in the production of sponges are often fatigued. Due to the depletion of human resources year by year, the labor cost has risen, which has seriously affected the development of the enterprise.

The semi-automatic sponge machinery equipment can realize the imitation of pure hand-made sponge. That is, mechanical feeding device (butter, white oil, TDI), imitating manual feeding device. The semi-automatic sponge machine is not as laborious as manual foaming, but it is not as high-tech as the automatic sponge machine, so it is not so expensive in price. It not only facilitates production but also saves money for purchasing equipment, and is very suitable for small sponge manufacturers.


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