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Cleaning and maintenance of sponge machinery

Time:2020-04-28  Edit by Sirui Machinery

 Electrical equipment should always be kept clean to prevent the penetration of oil, water and dust.

 After the cutting wheel and knife box of the machine are cleaned, dust and lubricant should be added in time.

 When there is a short circuit in the circuit, it should be replaced with a fuse of the same capacity. Tin-silver wire can be used. It is recommended not to use copper wire as a substitute.

 Rolling bearings are used for rotating electrical machines. The bearings should be cleaned (using kerosene or diesel) every other month. The bearings should be replaced with clean grease. Gears, sprockets, etc. should be cleaned of oil before work every day and then lubricated.


 Because the blade is under tension when the machine is running, please unscrew the blade after work to ensure the life of the blade.

 When the motor and electrical appliance are parked for a long time in the wet season (more than 1 month later) and then used again, the insulation of the electrical appliance should be rechecked, and must be dehumidified, that is, the motor is idly reduced when the voltage is reduced to 1/3 48 hours to gradually expel moisture, and then run at full pressure to ensure care.

 Note that the mechanical grounding condition must be good. If there is oil or rust on the end surface of the ground screw, it should be cleaned at any time.

 Pay attention to whether the exposed hoses and wires are biased, broken or damaged.

 Always check the sensitivity of each contact and interlock device.

 Use mechanical electrical equipment in accordance with the instructions.


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