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Diagnosis and treatment of daily failures of sponge mechanical equipment

Time:2020-04-28  Edit by Sirui Machinery


Unusual phenomenon explanation

Cause and disposal


The knife jaw over heat

1.whether the time of boot-strap is too long or not

2.whether the density of foam is too big or not

3.Adjust the knife jaw, the blade on the position of

The outside of knife jaw 10-6mm.

4.replace the knife jaw when necessary


The grinding motor heavy


1.whether the round of the grinding wheel is of equilibrium or not

2.Whether the axis of the grinding motor is bent or of transmutation or not

3.replace the motor when necessary


The cutting knife make big noise

1.much dirt on the wheel – clean the dust with abrasive cloth

2.the tension device over lax – tighten the knife


The asymmetry of cutting thickness

1.check that whether the thickness setting and the gyro graph are normal or not

2.the knife installing position is inexact- examine the horizontality of the knife

3.the angle between knife and level is not right—cutting thickness2.5-10mm,the angle about0.5 °- 2.5 °, above10-150mm, the angle less than -1 °- 1°

1. Inexact cutting—examine the exact of the cutting, select automatic, make it moving without loading

Check that whether when cutting the ruler beside slip lid moving correctly or not


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