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Roll foam compress machine

Time:2020-11-28  Edit by Sirui Machinery

The cotton roll baler can also be called sponge roll or roll sponge machine. It is mainly used to pack the roll sponge. The maximum roll width is 2300mm. For example, the diameter before roll is 700-1500mm, and the diameter after roll is 350-750mm. , The size of the roll is greatly compressed, which is convenient for transportation and cost-saving; the control surface of the sponge mechanical roll packer adopts touch screen operation, which is simple and convenient; with automatic loading and unloading device, saving manpower and material resources.

Our company is a professional supplier of sponge machinery and sponge production solutions. It has personnel engaged in the design, development and production of sponge machinery industry. It has strong technical force; production, sales and research and development are integrated, providing customers with installation, debugging, training, maintenance, customized products, etc. service.




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