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Classification and characteristics of sponge

Time:2017-04-07  Edit by Sirui Machinery

Sponge products are mainly the following categories:
Foamed cotton: this material is made of polyether foam. The available machining equipment foam also artificial board in foaming, the foam cotton like a large square with bread, using slicing machine after slicing process, according to the different requirements of cutting thickness, foam hardness can be adjusted. Seat cotton generally use 25~28kg/m5, the other uses 20~22kg/m3 density. A fireproof sponge material is sponge, sponge foam, add fire retardant materials, such as chlorine and bromine to sponge fire can produce fire smoke, the fire retardant effect.

Rubber cotton: sponge in one, it is the main raw material is made of natural latex foam, it has a rubber characteristics, excellent elasticity, good resilience, will not be deformed, but the price is not expensive, 3~4 times higher than the foam cotton.

Recycled cotton: furniture products have a kind of called "recycled cotton", in fact, it is crushed sponge material. The cost is extremely low, but the elasticity is extremely poor, the density is different.

This material by setting cotton: cotton polyurethane material, the foaming agent and other additives, pressure agent into simple mold heating can form different shapes of the sponge, it is suitable for chairs, sofa cushion, cotton back, a small handrail is made of cotton with stereotypes. At present, the density of materials used for 55#~60#, its elasticity is more in line with national standards.

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