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How to operate safely in a spongy machine?

Time:2018-07-19  Edit by Sirui Machinery

Direct cutting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment used for sponge processing. Although it has a high degree of automation, we still need to do related safety work.

A reliable earthing terminal must be provided for the external power source of the equipment, and the grounding terminal and the external power supply grounding grid must ensure reliable connection. The general operator shall not open the electric box without authorization. In case of malfunction, the electrical maintenance personnel shall be repaired. During maintenance, ensure that the sponge mechanical equipment is in a power failure state and close all the operating devices.

Before opening the electric box, we should check whether the power has been cut off. If we need live maintenance, we should take corresponding safety precautions so as to avoid the danger of electric shock. When adjusting fuse of fuse fuse in sponge machine, its current value should be the same as before, and it can not be increased arbitrarily. The power supply voltage shall not exceed 10% of the voltage of the mechanical and electrical equipment, so as to avoid the aging and destruction of the electrical insulation.

The above is the safety work related to the direct cutting machine of Sirui sponge machinery equipment. I hope you can do all the above safety protection measures.


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